It's Friday and you are swamped. The paperwork for the team project has piled up, you need to prepare for a presentation on Monday. Plus you have a meeting this afternoon. There isn't enough coffee in the world to get this all done yourself.

Time to delegate!

Effective delegation is more than just passing off work. Done well, delegation makes teams stronger with trust, accountability, and greater efficiency.

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When Should I Delegate?

When deciding if it is appropriate to delegate, ask yourself:

  • Do I need to complete this task? If someone else could do it, delegation is an option!

  • Will teaching someone now save time later? It might take some time upfront, but delegation can help in the long run.

  • Is a member of your team ready for a new challenge? Delegation keeps your team engaged and growing.

  • Could someone do it better? Tap into your team's strengths for better results.

Flaticon Icon "I'll obviously need to conduct staff evaluations myself, but Jane could take on a section of the weekly report! Then I'll have more time to work on the project roadmap!"


Arnold is going to need to delegate a task in order to get all of this work done today. Which would be the most appropriate task to delegate?

Communication Is Key

"It is absolutely critical to have both an authentic and transparent work environment.

Marc de Grandpre, senior vice president of marketing at KIND Healthy Snacks

The key to effective delegation is communicating with your team.

  • Carefully select the method of communication. Send an email for something that isn't urgent, but meet in person or call when it is.

  • Be clear with your expectations and provide necessary support.

  • Check in during (if possible) and after to learn how to task went and if you can provide any additional support.

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"Tian - I could really use your help on this slide deck this afternoon. Can we hop on a quick video call so I can show you what I need done? If you need more support Michelle can help you while I'm in a meeting."

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