Do you want people to be excited to work with your company and for customers to clearly understand what you're all about?

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You need a mission statement to explain your business purpose. A well-crafted mission statement acts as a guide for company decision-makers, employees, and customers.

Why Is It So Important?

Shouldn't my product or service speak for itself?

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The mission statement is what hooks potential customers and employees and encourages them to stay engaged! The key to an effective mission statement is for the company to keep its promises and over-deliver if they can.

Your mission statement will:

  • explain your company goals, culture, values, and ethics;

  • what makes your business unique; and

  • why the reader should invest in you over a competitor.

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What Does A Mission Statement Look Like?

A mission statement is a clear and concise one-sentence summary that defines what drives the company.

Imagine a company, NutriMunch, that sells nutritional products.

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"Our mission at NutriMunch is to encourage active lifestyles by offering ethically-sourced and natural nutritional products."

One sentence that gets right to the point!

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"At NutriMunch we use 6 pillars to uphold our company mission. First of all..."

This is too long for a mission statement - you'll lose your readers!

What Do I Need To Include?

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Every mission statement is unique! Ask yourself these questions to get started:

  • What is it we do?

  • What do we create?

  • Why does it matter?

  • Who does it matter to?

  • What value does it provide?


What can a mission statement do for your company?

How Can I Be Sure It's Effective?

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Get feedback from customers, employees and other business owners. Listen to their input on how the mission statement makes them feel.

To get effective feedback ask good questions:

  • How does this mission statement make you feel about our company?

  • What would you change in the wording?

  • What about this phrase isn’t working for you?

  • What is it missing?

Take Action

Your company already has a mission, and a mission statement will let the world know what it is! To get started:

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Your feedback matters to us.

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