You’re in the interview and they ask you, “Why did you apply for this job?”

Byte Author Uploaded Image How am I supposed to answer that?

Employers ask this question to figure out whether you'd be a good fit for their company's culture, and hire someone who cares about their career.

Use this opportunity to set yourself apart from other applicants!


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What Are You Looking For?

As part of your interview prep write down an answer to this question: What are you looking for in a job at this point in your career?

The important part is to think beyond paying the bills!

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Consider including things like:

  • experience

  • career advancement

  • cross-cultural workplace skills

  • challenging projects

  • opportunities to travel

  • work-life balance


Julie is applying for a position with a big consulting company. Which point might you recommend that she include in her answer to "Why did you apply to this job?"

Research The Company

Research the company to find out what about them excites you.

Check out the company website:

  • How do you feel about their vision and mission?

  • Do you like their values?

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Look at any recent news:

  • Did the company have any exciting product releases?

  • Were they included in the top places to work?

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Check out employee reviews:

  • You'll find out what current or past employees like (or don't like) about it.

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Julie is researching the ABC consulting firm. Which topics about the company might be a good idea for her to research?

Connect Your Experience To The Role

Paste the job posting into a word processor and highlight parts that stand out to you. Jot down relevant experience you've had that directly connects to the requirements.

If you don't have direct experience, get creative! Jot down examples of transferrable skills you would bring to the position, such as:

  • communication

  • organization

  • delegation

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Put It All Together

What you want + why this company has it + your relevant experience = Your answer!

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Example A. Julie has been an accountant for a few years and wants to transition to a career in consulting: 

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"I applied for this job to transition into client management. My current technical accounting skills combined with strong project management would be an asset to the team. I am especially excited to help clients in multiple industries."

Example B. Mario just graduated with a degree in communication studies and applied to the ABC advertising agency: 

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"ABC is one of the top companies to work for. I am excited about the informal and formal training, and the hands-on experience you provide from day one on the job. I’m really excited to learn more about the mentoring and coaching programs you offer."

Example C. Diana has been a TikTok influencer and recently applied for a product manager position. 

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"I've been following and using TikTok since it first launched and regularly highlight the product features to other influencers. With this opportunity, I would leverage my current experience with your platform to directly impact the future of TikTok."


How To Use Body Language In Interviews

How To Get a Job By Following Up After an Interview

Take Action

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Now that you've got the formula down, you're ready to take on any job interview!

Follow these steps to bring your 'A' game:


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