Hand-washing is a critical part of basic hygiene that should be practiced multiple times a day. We often touch our faces with our hands, sometimes even without noticing, which leads to the spread of diseases and infections.

Hand washing is the foundation of basic hygiene and is a quick step in our day to remain clean and healthy!

Hand-washing Tips

We use our hands for the majority of the tasks we do on a daily basis, from using our laptops at work to preparing your dinner - it's important to keep them clean! Follow the steps on the right for quick and effective hand-washing.

Key times to wash your hands:

  1. Before or after any meal or handling food.

  2. As soon as you come home.

  3. After using the bathroom.

  4. After coughing or sneezing.

  5. Consistently if you are caring for someone who is unwell.

  6. After touching animals or handling animal's food.

  7. After handling garbage.