With features released monthly, there's always something new to learn about Discord! Revisit your settings regularly to ensure you get the most out of the platform.

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Set up a safe account

Many public servers have features to help keep you safe, such as auto-moderators that scan for explicit content, but you can also tighten up security for your account.

For example, you might not wish to allow direct messages (DMs) from strangers when joining public servers and can toggle this setting! ⤵

On desktop: ⚙ icon (bottom left) > Privacy & Safety

On mobile: User avatar (bottom right) > Privacy & Safety

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Customize your server roles

Roles appear on your server profile like little badges. They may be for:

  • Aesthetic purposes (for example, to change the colour of your username)

  • Allowing you access to channels

  • Allowing you to receive notifications on specific topics (for example, an announcements channel or an upcoming event).

See an example of what your profile may look like after picking up some roles in the Rumie server here:

An example Discord member profile

You might collect roles at the top of the server's channel list in "Channels and Roles" ⤵

Selecting server roles in Discord

Other servers may provide a designated #roles channel or series of channels.

Need a refresh on Discord vocab? Check out this intro first.

Customize your channel list

Also in the Channels and Roles tab (if available) you may individually check and un-check channels that you wish to see in your channel list. ⤵

Customizing server channels in Discord

One workaround (if a server does not have this tab available) is to mute any channels you no longer wish to see, and hide them from your channel list:

Muting a channel in Discord Muting a channel ⤴

Hiding muted channels in Discord Hiding all muted channels ⤴

Customize your notifications

Notification settings can further refine which messages send you notifications and override roles and channels you see. Update to get notified:

  • For every single message sent in that channel

  • Only when someone specifically replies to or mentions you

  • Never

Navigating Discord to update notification settings

Check your inbox

Did your message notification disappear and you forget where it came from? Not to worry! Your inbox will keep track for you.

On a desktop, click the inbox icon 📥 in the top right corner to access recent locations where you've been mentioned, unread messages, and events that are beginning (For You).

Navigating the Discord inbox

This feature is partially available on mobile (look for the 🔔 icon at the bottom of the screen) to access recent mentions and active events (For You).

Get around quickly

Know where you want to go on Discord, but don't want to travel there? Use this keyboard command on desktop to teleport with the Quick Switcher:

  • For PC use ctrl + K

  • For Mac use command + K

A pop-up menu will display recent channels you visited, and allow you to search for any channel in all of your servers and direct messages with friends.

Searching through Discord channels

Supercharge your searches

Interested in a specific topic? Just search for it in the Discord search bar!

Want to get super specific? Use filter keywords!

Filter keywords could help you find:

  • A file that a specific member sent once in a certain channel

  • A message you sent at some point before a specific date that included an image

For example, searching

from: QuokkaKami#9282 during: 2021-09-24 in: general

will find all messages sent by QuokkaKami#9282 on September 24, 2021 in the general channel.

See this search in action:

Take Action

Go forth and customize: your Discord experience will only get better from here!

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