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You've likely been given some feedback about the 'danger' of having a gap on your résumé--a period of time where you did not go immediately from one job to another--and that this should ALWAYS be avoided.

Let's use this Byte to breakdown why 'gaps' are no longer going to make you nervous.

The Term "Résumé Gap" Is Purely Made Up.

Oftentimes, recruiters and hiring managers will look for ANY reason to disqualify a candidate.

Someone at some point decided that not going from job to job signaled to them that there could be something "wrong" with you.

In other words, instead of talking to you about why you either lost your job or quit for personal or professional reasons, they just make assumptions about you, your character, and your work ethic.

Let's be clear...BAD hiring managers and recruiters do this...the type of people you do NOT want to associate with.

Answer Quickly And Concisely (Without Much Detail)

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"I took time off for personal reasons and now I'm ready to get back into it!"

"I took time off to care for a loved one."

"I left my last job and decided to job search full-time to find the next great opportunity."

"I was laid off during a downsizing."

"I was laid off because of Covid and have been sharpening my Excel and PowerPoint skills while actively job searching."

Use This Question To Analyze The Interviewer And The Company

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You are interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you.

You are ALLOWED to stop working during your career.

If an interviewer cannot get past this simple fact and continues to question you or be skeptical about your answer, then they are giving you a clear sign that their company is not right for you!

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