Starting a new job?

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You'll be in training for at least a couple of weeks.

One of the best things you can do beginning on day one of your training is to demonstrate professionalism.

Demonstrating professionalism will:

  • Set you apart from others

  • Put you on a track for success in your future career

Be On Time

First order of business, today and forever:

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Plan to arrive at least 10-15 minutes earlier than scheduled. This gives you time to arrive at your desk/work station on time, even if unexpected delays arise.

🔥Tip: If working remotely, log on early and test out meeting platforms to make sure you're able to join in without issue.

Dress For Success

First impressions are important! Believe it or not, what you wear to work can actually determine whether you get promoted down the road!

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Ask about the dress code before your first day and make sure you wear appropriate clothing. Style your hair neatly, as well.

Even if you know that the dress code is casual, it's best to level up and wear business casual attire during your training.

Your attire will vary according to your profession.

Flaticon Icon Office Job

You'll probably be expected to have conservative attire and a neat haircut.

Flaticon Icon Retail Customer Service

Your job is public-facing, so dress professionally. If you work at a clothing store, it's likely you'll be encouraged to wear clothes sold by the retailer.

Flaticon Icon Teacher

Business casual is most appropriate. Even if your colleagues wear jeans, consider wearing a blazer to look professional.

Flaticon Icon Outdoor Work

Your clothing might be casual, but make sure it's neat, clean, and pressed.

Flaticon Icon Restaurant

You might be required to wear a uniform. Get at least 2 pairs of pants and tops because it's likely they'll be dirty after each shift.

Flaticon Icon Banker

This conservative profession often requires that you wear traditional business attire like a suit or dress.

Luis' First Day

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Luis just landed a job doing tech support and he'll be working remotely. His training will be completed online via meetings with his supervisor and video tutorials. What should he wear for these sessions?


What attire is appropriate for Luis?

Listen, Take Notes, & Ask Questions

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  • Bring a notebook and pen (or electronic device) to take notes

  • Pay attention to training videos, lectures, and presentations

  • Ask questions on any points that are unclear to you

  • Study your notes during your off-time so you understand your role

🔥 Tip! Now is not the time to show off your knowledge unless you're asked. It's a time to absorb information that your new company wants you to learn.

Introduce Yourself

Flaticon Icon If you're working in a physical location, your trainer will likely show you around and introduce you to your coworkers.

Flaticon Icon If you're working remotely, your trainer will probably include you in meetings with other staff and supervisors during your first few weeks.

Firm handshake

  • Look the person in the eye

  • Say your name and new title

  • Offer a firm handshake or give them a polite wave

  • State, "It's nice to meet you."

Take Action

Establishing a professional reputation begins on day one!

Right from the start, they'll know you're serious about work and committed to a job well done!

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