You've finally finished your personal website.

Now is the perfect time to share the news with the world!

But remember...

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Start Small

Try the following steps to promote your site:

Share with friends and family

Tell the people closest to you in your life about what you've started. This will bring new visitors to your site and help spread the word to others.

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Use social media

Add your site URL to your social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) and let your connections know what you've been working on.

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Update email signature

Include a link to your blog on your email signature. This will ensure more reach and help your website grow.

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Be consistent

Engage your site visitors with unique and quality content, and keep up the good work for consistent growth.

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Jess recently finished her food blog and already published some of her best recipes. Now she is thinking about how to step up the promotion of her site. Which of the following will give her blog an immediate boost?

Work On Your Website SEO

Search engine optimization, in short SEO, is a free way to improve your site ranking on search engines like Google. Most importantly, it depends on the quality of your published content, and the flexibility you offer to the visitors.

To achieve strong SEO:

  • Use targeted keywords and phrases throughout your website.

  • Add alt text to images.

  • Optimize your headings.

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Nick is concerned about the average visitor count of his travel blog. While trying to find the problem, he realized that his website was not appearing properly on different search engines. What can help Nick solve this issue?

Post On A Forum

Nowadays, there are plenty of forums on the internet, i.e. Reddit, Quora where you can post about your blog to gain some visitors.

To take full advantage of these sites:

  • Simply start a thread based on your niche and it can get upvoted if others find it useful.

  • You can also refer to your blog while having a conversation on these forums.

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Post Ads On Social Media

If none of the above steps work, you can always consider a paid option. You can use online advertising sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram ads to promote your site across these platforms.

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Take Action

So, now you are ready to promote your website.

The following techniques will take the promotion to the next level!

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