Taxes are fun! Said nobody, ever. 😒

But what if you could get your return back a lot faster this year?

Titus Burgess acting surprised.

We've got three tips for you to get that $$ in your account as quickly as possible.

1. Use Filing Software

  • If you file online, the CRA aims to get you your return within 2 weeks (compared to 8 weeks when you file on paper!)

  • Choose an option like Turbotax, Wealthsimple tax, or Simpletax - they all have an option for Netfile which will get your taxes in quickly

  • Online softwares usually have both free and paid options

Trump saying people don't understand tax returns. ⬆️ In this specific instance, he spoke the truth.

2. File Early

It might be too late for this year, but if you file early, you can beat the April rush.

CRA employees will have more time and breathing room to process your file and get your return to you.

⬆️ Kevin O'Leary might be the rudest Dragon, but even he can see the logic.

3. Sign Up For Direct Deposit

  • In the last stages of submitting your taxes online, you'll be prompted to choose if you want to get your return by Direct Deposit. 💰 Do it!

  • The CRA will deposit your return directly into your bank account, no need to wait for snail mail 🐌

  • Plus, it helps with the shift towards paperless and is good for the earth 🌎

⬆️ Signing up for Direct Deposit is next on Mr. Burns' to-do list.

Take Action

Now, to get a head start on next year, keep the momentum going and give yourself a financial health check.

But before that, we've got a poem for you - you've earned it. 🥳

Your taxes are done,

so it's time to play

when your return arrives,


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