Have you ever encountered a difficult situation in your life that you didn't know how to handle? And then wished you had known the survival technique of "faking it til you're making it"? We've all been there!

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But did you know that, when exploring the concept of projecting confidence and competence, even when you may not feel it, you can slowly acquire a growth mindset?

Gradually, you'll be able to overcome self-doubt and achieve your goals.

A clothing store employee says to another,

So set your aspirations high!

1. Understand the Concept

"Fake it til you make it" is a phrase that encourages people to imitate confidence, competence, and success, even if they don't feel it initially.

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It's about projecting an image of success, which can help you gain the necessary experience, skills, and opportunities to eventually become successful.

Typical examples in various contexts include:

  • Highlighting relevant coursework, personal projects, and transferable skillsdespitelacking extensiveexperience in job Interviews

  • Giving a presentation even if you're not very experienced in public speaking by adopting a confident demeanor

  • Forging valuable connections and learning from experienced peers by projecting confidence and initiating conversations at networking events

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The key is to embrace this mindsetas a temporary strategy to propel yourself forward.

2. Embrace Confidence

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Act as if you're already successful and capable, such as being in charge of situations and persons.

This typically applies to using:

  • Confident body language — a firm handshake, open and welcoming stance when meeting new people

  • Positive self-talk — replacing self-doubt with positive affirmations and reminding yourself of your strengths

  • Dressing appropriately — wearing the right clothes for a given situation

  • Clear communication — speaking clearly and at a moderate pace while avoiding filler words

  • Preparation — thoroughly researching topics before meetings and anticipating questions

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By exuding confidence, you inspire others and attract opportunities that can contribute to your growth.

3. Learn and Adapt

While projecting confidence is essential, it's equally important to back it up with continuous learning (i.e. asking questions, reading about the company, observation) and adaptation.

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Use the confidence you project as a driving force to acquire new skills, knowledge, and experiences.

By constantly learning and improving, you can transform your initial "fake" confidence into genuine competence.


John has just started a new job as a marketing manager. He feels unsure of his abilities and lacks confidence in his skills. Still, he decides to adopt a "fake it till you make it" approach. What would be typical examples of this technique?

Take Action

Now it's time to put the wisdom of "fake it til you make it" into action!

Flaticon Icon By embracing confidence and continuously learning and adapting, you can overcome self-doubt and achieve success.

Remember, it's about projecting an image of success while working towards genuine competence.

So go out there, fake it til you make it, and let your true potential shine!


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