It all started with an online flamewar between two generations...

Gen Z saying to Millenials:

Gen Z Tiktokers started throwing around the word cheugy to describe Millennials for their cringeworthy, out-of-date styles and habits like wearing skinny jeans, having side-part hairdos, and overusing the 😂 emoji.

So some Millennials clapped back ...

...and of course, they just made themselves look more cheugy.

When you see someone insulting your peers, it's easy to get offended. But before you feel the need to defend your generation and attack another...

Have you ever wondered what you both might have in common?

Hard Lessons

Gen Z lost more than a year of their young lives to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Oliver Twist saying,

But guess who else had their lives turned upside down by catastrophic events?

A woman crying, with the text,

That's right, Millennials had it rough too!

  • 2001-2007: The 9/11 attacks triggered a "global war on terror" that made the world more dangerous .

  • 2008-2013: The Great Recession and its "jobless recovery" came just in time for Millennials to enter the workforce!

What did both generations learn from these crises?

  • The world isn't as safe, secure, and predictable as you were told as a child.

  • World events will have huge impacts on your mental and economic well-being.

  • People need to band together to make a better world.

A Shared Future

Climate change is coming for all of us!

Sitting in a burning room, a globe with a face and legs says,

Climate change will have major implications for the lives, careers, and families of both Gen Z and Millennials. So what's the point in having flame wars online while the world burns?

Let's set aside our differences so we can fix things for future generations.

Generational Resentment

As they come of age, young adults will always set themselves apart from their parents' generation, leading to all kinds of tension and resentment.

Millennials believe that Boomers built a system to protect their wealth and lifestyle while Millennials hustled to survive (and taught their parents how to send emails).

An elderly man on a beach throwing his hands up in the air and smiling. The text reads,

When Millennials questioned this state of affairs, Boomers called them "lazy" and entitled". It was a bitter piece of avocado toast to swallow!

A woman saying,

But guess what? The parents of Boomers resented them too for their hippie lifestyle that questioned authority through sexuality, rock music, and drug use.

Old footage of hippies dancing. A subtitle reads,


How might younger generations describe older generations?


Out of touch



Take Action

Generational labels are just crude stereotypes that never define a whole person.

So while we fight over differences in jean preferences and where to part our hair, we waste precious time and energy we could be devoting to solving the major issues of our time.

Joe Biden in a convertible, wearing sunglasses. He says,

The next time you're in an argument with someone from another generation:


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