We've all had this moment:

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Trying to remember something simple without any luck.

By using mnemonic devices, you can increase the chance of remembering information.

What Are Mnemonic Devices?

Mnemonic devices are tools to remember information, like:

  • Name mnemonics (acronyms)

  • Music mnemonics

  • Image mnemonics

Anything you use to remember information can be considered a mnemonic device, not just the examples listed above.

Name Mnemonics

What are the colors of the rainbow?

Byte Author Uploaded Image By using the first letter of each color, a new word is created. This is called a name mnemonic. In the case of the colors of the rainbow, Roy G. Biv is created using the first letters of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.


What is a name mnemonic for the Great Lakes (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior)?

Music Mnemonics

What's Jenny's number?

867-5309! By putting information to a song or jingle, a music mnemonic is created. Another popular example is the ABC tune, try saying the alphabet without singing the song!

Image Mnemonics

Should you eat more meat or dairy throughout the day? Can't remember? Try recalling the food pyramid.

Food pyramid concept Free Vector The food pyramid is an excellent example of an image mnemonic. By shaping the food groups into a pyramid, it's easier to remember which groups you should consume the most, and which groups you should go easy on. An image mnemonic constructs information into a picture to make it easier to remember.


Ian is trying to remember all 50 United States. He creates a tune to sing the names to. Which mnemonic strategy did he use?

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Mnemonic devices help us to remember information. Next time you are having trouble remembering something, try creating a name, music, or image mnemonic!


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