What do Apple, TikTok, and Rumie have in common?

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Well, they're all awesome of course! But they also all use favicons,small images that represent the brand online. These companies know that favicons boost recognition.

As a small business owner, using a favicon can benefit you, too. It helps your business stand out!


A favicon is a small, simple icon based off your logo that represents your business brand. It helps online visitors remember and identify your business even when a lot of tabs are open on their device.

Recognize these?

Favicons representing Apple, TikTok, and Rumie.


  • can be the same as your brand logo, but if there's a lot of detail in the logo, you'll need to simplify it

  • shouldn't include more than 3 letters

  • should match the color(s) of your logo

Favicon files:

  • should be square

  • are ideally 16 x 16 pixels in size

  • are saved as .ico files


Take a look right now at any browser tabs you have open on your device. Chances are, you'll see tiny icons that help you recognize the sites.

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Favicons also show up on people's:

  • Bookmarks

  • Search bar URLs

  • Toolbar favorites

  • Search recommendations

  • Search history

3 open browser tabs that include favicons for Apple, TikTok, and Rumie. Having one for your business can improve your website's searchability and help with search engine optimization (SEO)! It also contributes to brand awareness: it helps visitors recognize and remember your business!

Holly's Business

A woman wearing funky outfit in a vintage store.

Holly sells vintage items at her local store, Holly's Supercalifragilistic Finds. She recently expanded her business to an online presence. Her existing store logo consists of the business name and some detailed artwork.


What should Holly do when designing a favicon? Select all that apply:

Create Your Own!

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It's easy!

Hubspot's free favicon generator walks you through creating an entire branding kit for your business in just a few steps. Just enter your business description and it will design a custom logo, including a favicon!

Favicon.io helps you create one from your existing logo.

Flaticon Icon

Once you've created your favicon, add it to your website by Googling site-specific instructions. This article explains how to add one to WordPress, Wix, and Shopify sites.

Take Action

Now that you know how a favicon can be beneficial to your business, create one today!

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