Have you ever felt unmotivated when sales are down? Or like you've hit a wall when customers keep saying "no"?

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Below you will find the top strategies and incentives to help you stay motivated, and be a top performer.

Why? Because the motivation of a salesperson, or lack thereof, can affect productivity, outlook, and the health of a workplace environment.

Public Display Of Appreciation

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Let your team know you care, by following these simple tips:

  • Celebrate small wins.

  • Be specific when complimenting.

  • Always say the magic words: "thank you".

  • Give out awards.


What motivates a sales person to keep working for a sales manager?

withholding praise



recognition and appreciation

Create And Nourish Relationships

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Add the personal touches to your interactions.

  • Get to know your team members as individuals . This foundation makes team members more likely to support and go the extra mile when needed. Strike up a conversation in the office or propose a coffee run.

  • Reach out to past customers when you have something they might find interesting. Past customers can become returning customers.

  • Show you listen. Bring up information and facts from past conversations. Follow up and ask how that restaurant was or how someone's dog is doing.


If a client mentions they are going on vacation, then the next time you talk to them you should:

Ask about their whole family.

Talk only business.

Talk about yourself.

Ask how the vacation went.

Building Trust

Build trust within your sales team by having a helpful mindset. If there is an issue, be direct. Let your team know if there are issues quickly. Try to solve problems and help them grow.

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To create a positive selling culture, help your sales team display strong morals to buyers.

"When a salesperson performs 'heroic' acts regularly, they develop a motivated mindset." Andy Goles notes.

Salespeople need to truly believe in the products they're selling. Empower them to believe they are helping clients achieve a higher state of well-being.


What would NOT hinder building trust as a sales leader?

Scolding or pressuring team members

Enrolling team in sales workshops/events

Hiding issues occurring within the team

Providing few opportunities for growth

Set Goals

Goals give team and individuals focus.

Goals should be achievable but not too easy. It should demand some effort from the sales person. But still should be attainable.

It doesn't have to be a monetary goal. It could also be a goal for how many people to reach out to or have meetings with.

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What is one action item that you will take as a leader today - to develop a positive culture and sales program?

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