What is a project?

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A project is temporary. It has a beginning and an end.

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A project creates something new that has a unique result or outcome.

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A project uses resources (people or time or money).

A project is a set of tasks that turn an idea into something. An example of a project is building a house. A builder may build many houses, but each building is unique based on location. budget, and features.

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Operational activities that are routine, ongoing, or repetitive, are tasks but they are not projects. For example:

  • Purchasing supplies

  • Paying bills

  • Managing the order and progression of the work

These activities are usually part of projects.

Project Scope

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The project scope defines the boundaries of the project. It identifies the:

  • requirements

  • outcomes

  • timeline

  • cost

  • people involved

The scope creates a shared understanding for everyone at the beginning of the project. The project scope also provides a roadmap for all project actions and decisions once the project is underway.

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Which activity would NOT be considered a project?

Project Triangle

Think of a project as a triangle with the sides labeled scope, cost, and time. A change to any one side changes one or both of the others. Scope, cost, and time are known as the project triangle. A successful project meets all requirements (scope) and is completed on time and within budget (costs).

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  • Increase or reduce scope = Change to time or cost

  • Increase or reduce time = Change to scope or cost

  • Increase or reduce cost = Change to scope or time

Do you want it Fast, Good, or Cheap?

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You can have one or two, but you can't have all three!

Constraints help you prioritize what's most important to the project. Adding another room to your building increases the scope, but the project is also likely to take longer and cost more.


The project team keeps missing their deadlines. If not corrected, what else might change?

Project Stakeholders

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A project includes Project stakeholders, each with their own interests. These may include:

  • The people with the idea and business case forthe project

  • The people who approve or pay for the project

  • The people who do the work to create the project

  • The people who use the outcome of the project

Each of these people may have a different opinion or point of view!

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The project owners wants to add a requirement, but the project workers say that they don't have enough time as is. Who is right?

Project Communication Plan

Did you know that poor communication is the primary contributor to project failure ?

Talking Blah Blah Blah GIF Does your stakeholder need:

  • High-level or detailed information?

  • Project tasks or project progress?

What is the best communication method:

  • Meetings, reports, email, or phone?

  • When and how often?

Creating and using a Communication Plan helps you say the right thing to the right people in the right way.

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Which of the following are included in the Communication Plan?

Take Action

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Ambiguity leads to project failure.

If you aren't clear on your route or destination how will you find your way?

Think of a project you're part of right now. Ask yourself if you have:


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