Do you think you want a dog?  Do you see a dog and think, "That dog is sooooo cute! It'd make the perfect companion!"

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  • Dogs offer friendship, loyalty, unconditional love, and constant companionship, but owning and raising a dog is an investment

  • Know the costs of a lifetime of canine healthcare and its everyday necessities such as toys, bedding, and food

  • Plan and budget for your dog’s needs

So You Want A Dog?

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  • The cost of buying a dog: depending on the breed, a dog from a reputable breeder can cost between $300 and $1500

  • The fee for adopting a dog that can range anywhere between $25 to $300

  • Ask the breeder for a health guarantee. The breeder may take the puppy back and refund your money if health problems arises within a certain number of days after you take the puppy home 

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  • Buying a dog from a reputable breeder may be more expensive, but the higher price tag may save money on veterinary bills and training

  • The adoption fee will go toward paying some of your dog’s initial medical costs,which may include the cost of rabies/ distemper vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and heartworm tests

  • Adoption will help support a shelter to provide care for other animals

Planning For Your Dog's Necessities

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  • Foodcan cost anywhere between $120 and $500 each year

  • Talk to your veterinarian about selecting the best food for your dog

  • To offer you peace of mind should your dog run away or get lost, budget microchipping, which can cost between $30-75

  • Factor in the cost of toys around $40 each year for small dogs, and around $75 for larger dogs

  • Your dog needs a comfortable place to sleep, and a good bed can cost between $25 to $100

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Account For Your Dog's Day To Day Expenses

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  • Dog treats:up to $50 per year

  • Professional training:up to $500 per year

  • A collar and a leash: between $8 to $20

  • A dog crate: between $40 to $150, depending on its size and quality

  • Some cities and towns have a yearly pet registration fee, which can cost between $10 to $20

    • A pet deposit may cost between $300-750 depending uponwhere you live

    • Landlords may charge a non-refundable pet deposit (or may not even allow pets on their property so check first)

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Figure Out The Cost Of Healthcare For Your Dog

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  • Neutering or spaying your dog can range from $200-450

  • Flea, tick, and heartworm medication which can range from $100-300 per year

  • A typical office visit to a veterinarian can cost between $45 and $100 each visit

  • Pet health insurance which is about $500 per year

  • See if your dog is likely to develop any health problems based on its breed.

  • Budget for the cost of additional medications, imaging, and emergency vet visits which can add up to thousands of dollars

Caring For Your Dog When You Are Away

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  • Doggie daycare can rangefrom $20-75 per day

  • Look into the fees for boarding your dog overnight which canrange from $30-80 per night

  • The cost of a dog walker can rangefrom $250-350 per month


You really want a dog. Which factors should you consider in this decision?

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  • The average cost of getting a dog: $1,635

  • The average cost of maintaining and caring for a dog: $1,100 per year

Before you get a dog:

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