You can't afford to live WITHOUT roommates, but can you live WITH them?

Two roommates doing a dance together.

Increase the odds of getting along by looking at these 7 key factors.

1. Neatness Level

Before renting a place together, have an honest talk about your own cleaning habits and messiness levels.

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How much mess can you handle, and how much cleaning are you willing to do? Be honest with each other from the start.

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2. Party Time

How much partying can you handle?

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Everybody loves a party, right?

Not this guy trying to sleep in the next room...

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Benji likes his quiet time. He has four roommate options. Who should he choose?

3. Alcohol And Substance Use

Make sure you're on the same page with drinking and other substances.

Dylan from Beverly Hills 90210 smelling open alcohol bottles.

If your idea of breakfast is coffee from Starbucks, and theirs is rum and coke, you may have a compatibility problem.

4. Privacy

Make sure you share the same limits on privacy.

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There is such a thing as too much sharing. Have a discussion before signing the lease.

5. Together Time

Are you both looking for some together time, or does one of you prefer to be alone?

Alexis Rose from Schitt's Creek says,

Everyone needs SOME alone time, but how much?

Overall, you'll mesh better with someone who has the same ideas about the amount of time you will spend together.

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6. Pets

Do you:

  • love pets?

  • hate pets?

  • have pets?

  • want pets?

What about your roommate? Are you both ready to be pet parents?

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Jamie is allergic to cats, but his friend has two. He is considering renting an apartment with them. After all, the friend promises to do all the pet care and to keep them in their own room. What should Jamie do?

7. Money, Money, Money

Does your possible roomie have the funds to pay their half? Rent, utilities, pizza?

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Make sure you know how they plan to pay their share.

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Don't get stuck in a lease with someone who isn't a good fit!


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