Want to create a Meetup group but aren't sure where to start?

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Ask yourself some questions to help get your group together!

What Kind Of Group?

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Do some research first.

Make sure the topic isn’t already a meetup in your area. If there is one already, make sure your group has a slightly different theme.

For example, if you want to start a drawing club but there's already one in your area, try "Drawing For Beginners" or "Drawing Portraits".

Choose a meetup name. 

Choose a name that goes with what you're meeting about. For example, if you want to meet up for kayaking or other water sports, you could go with "Kayaking Fun!" or "Water Adventures".

Find a cohost.

Organizing and running a meetup takes time, energy, and organization skills.  Find someone to help you out with the meetups.

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Where, When, And What?

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What's the best location?

Choose a location that's easy to find with parking or public transit nearby. Make sure it's not stressful for your members to find the place.

What day is best for the group?

Find a day and time that works for the majority of the group.

If it’s a business-related meetup, during the week would work best. If it’s for a fun outside adventure, the weekends would be better for more people to join in.

To speak or not to speak?

If your meetup is a group that has speakers or an organized topic, this is where the real work comes in.  Find a speaker who's not only knowledgeable but fun to listen to.

What Perks Can I Offer?

trip out next generation GIF by absurdnoise Food and drinks help provide a more enjoyable evening. If you're hosting your meetup in a restaurant, find out if they provide a discount for large groups of people. Most places do!

If your meetup has a decent amount of people attending, say more than 30 each month, companies might want to sponsor your meetup. They can provide free supplies and swag.

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What kind of food would be appropriate for a large meetup?

How Do I Kick Things Off?

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Create a kickoff event, send out some invites, and publicize it on social media!

At the kickoff:

  • Put up signs near the entrance if possible to direct people to your event space.

  • Greet people when they arrive and invite them to grab a drink or snack.

  • Give people time to introduce themselves to others and chat freely.

  • Start off with a welcome presentation with information that helps members know what's going on in the group (rules, contact person, activities, etc).

  • Have some get-to-know-you activities ready so group members can become familiar with each other.

Take Action

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Start your meetup group!


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