New technologies introduce both new diseases and cures.

Sometimes health issues we think "will be fine in a few days" can grow into life-long troubles. It's essential to take preventative measures to guard our health in this digital age.

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Spot the problem

If your life relies on electronic devices, you may be at risk of health issues related to excessive time on technology.

Want to know a little bit more about the health risks induced by technology? Here's a simple Check-list for you to tick.

  • Vision problems

    Red eyes

    Dry eyes

    Blurry vision

    Nausea caused by too much screen time

  • Pains

    Neck pains


    Upper back pain

    Shoulder stiffness

    Arm and hand pain

  • Mental disorders

    Phantom vibration

    Fear of missing calls or emails

    Obsession with online health care information

    Addiction to online activities

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It's both the brief moments you sneak a glance at an email, and the many hours spent in front of a computer screen that contribute to health issues.

Follow the steps below to make sure these minor issues don't grow into lifelong problems.

First, adjust your posture as the picture shows:

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Also keep in mind

  • Limit screen sessions into 20 mins blocks

  • Enjoy some technology-free time

  • Stand up and stretch regularly


What will be a healthy way to relax when you just spent hours working online?

Take Action

Sure, you might think text thumbs are common, and frozen shoulders are no biggie. But this isn't true.

Mild symptoms such as tendonitis, sciatica, or tech addiction might start small, but if we don't correct them they can cause permanent damage to our physical and psychological welling.

Consider the suggestions above. Is there one change you can make to your tech usage today to prevent these issues?


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