My first semester of college will be done virtually.

"I won’t ever be able to make real friends, have fun and develop the lifelong connections everyone always talks about."

Feel the same way?

Take a deep breath. College is a major step, it might just be a bit different than you imagined.

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Follow Your Peers On Social Media

How do you connect with the friends you already have? Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter?

Add your classmates where you already spend your time to build social connections.

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Join A Virtual Club, Or Start Your Own

Most schools have clubs that facilitate video lectures, networking events, and other activities. Join one to meet other students who share your interests.

And if you can’t find a club to fit your passions or interests? Go ahead…start your own! 

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Form A Virtual Study Group

While you’re in a Zoom class, use the private chat to message classmates and ask if they want to form a study group. It'll help you make connections and get an A.

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Joanne and Andy are online classmates and have not interacted much. Joanne really likes Andy's thought process and want to learn more from him. What would you suggest Joanne do?

Plan Socially Distanced Meetups

Can you plan a socially distanced picnic in a park? How about a hiking trip?

Finding safe ways to meet up in person can help you feel more connected when you see each other online.

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Take Action

You don't have to dive in the deep end. Start by dipping your toes in.

It's easy to feel isolated when learning online. Start small with one thing that is out of your comfort zone. Flaticon Icon Remember this: Just like you, your fellow classmates are eager to meet new people and make lifelong connections.


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