You’re a great driver, right? You know the rules of the road and follow the speed limit.

But when winter weather hits, do you know techniques for driving safely?

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Before You Go Out

Slippery, icy and snowy road conditions require special driving skills.

Driving in wintry weather can be dangerous, so...

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Stay home if possible!


Which of these is a good reason to go out driving in a snowstorm?


If you HAVE to drive and the weather is frightful...

Prepare an emergency kit for your car.

The kit should contain warm clothes, a flashlight, shovel and flares, plus snacks and water.

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Get Going

For good visibility, clean your windshield and turn on your headlights and defroster. 

Even though you are an awesome driver, not everyone else is, so keep a distance from other cars.

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Slow And Steady

Drive slower than the posted speed limit and maintain a steady speed. If you need to stop, ease off the gas and press on the brake very gently.

If you skid, don’t panic!

How to Handle an Ice Skid video


If your car skids to the left, what should you do?

In Case Of Emergency

If you slide off the road or have to pull over, put on your flashers and call for assistance.

Use the supplies in your emergency kit as necessary.

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Take Action

Now that you've learned some tips for driving in winter weather, you're ready to get on the road.

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