Do you toss and turn for hours at night?

Do you wake yourself up every morning with tons of coffee instead of a restorative sleep?

Are you aware of the causes for your sleeping difficulty?

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Chronic insomnia is torture for anyone who desires a good sleep. It lowers your quality of life and can trigger issues like heart disease and mental disorders.

Before you rush towards sleeping aids, try the following steps to save yourself from sleepless nights.

Key to sleep better

Stick to a routine

Reinforce your internal clock by sticking to the same bedtime. If there's a special event and your schedule changes, make sure to catch op on lost sleep. Then get back to your established routine.

Put worries and plans aside

Thinking about work and life keeps your brain active. When it's bedtime, devote your body and soul to sleep. Remember: sleep boosts productivity. Insomnia ruins it.

Behavior matters

Healthy behaviors make a huge difference to sleep quality. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and intensive workout before bed. Making sure your bed is comfortable and dimming the light will help you induce sleep.


What will be a healthy way to induce sleep after a long, tiring day?

Action Now!

Make a change. Try out some simple tips tonight!

  • Have a light meal and healthy beverage for dinner

  • Make a little time for yoga or mindfulness

  • Stop screen time an hour before bed

  • Read a relaxing book

  • Wear a soft sleep mask

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Take Action

Sleepless nights can make us weak and distracted.

For someone who wants to combat insomnia, behavioral strategies might work better than pills when making efforts to combat insomnia.

Why not try to be your own therapist and begin with small changes in routines right away?


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