Did you know that all of us are creative?

To be creative is to make something original and useful to communicate, entertain, or solve a problem.

What have you created this year?

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Forms Of Creativity

Did you express yourself through writing?

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Or bring your designs to life with wood?

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Creativity comes in many forms, including writing and design, but also:

  • painting

  • dance

  • cooking

  • and more!

Being Creative Is Fulfilling

Whatever they are, taking the time to appreciate the beauty of your creations will help you feel fulfilled.

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Whether you've written it, designed it, or built it, you have created something new and wonderful that didn't exist before.

Creativity Doesn't Have To Be About Talent

Have you sketched the scruffy neighbor's cat in a way that captures his beauty?

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As you can see not everyone can do that...

Byte Author Uploaded Image but he's mine, and I kind of love him.


Jill loves to bedazzle her clothing, but she sometimes feels that her masterpieces are a waste of time. She is considering stopping. What would you say to her?

Joy Comes First

Any kind of creativity can bring you joy.

Whether you go big and bold...

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Or small and fuzzy...

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Celebrate the joy!

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Your poetry is fulfilling for you to write, but nobody you share it with seems to really "get it." What should you do?

Take Action

Take a moment to remember the amazing things you've brought to life with your creativity this year:

Reflect on the process and the accomplishment.

jennifer aniston applause GIF Recognize and celebrate your creative triumphs!


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