Have you ever tried printing in 3D?

A 3D printer creating a printed globe

If you have access to a 3D printer, you can create different models by using your creativity and critical thinking.

Why should you try 3D printing?

3D printing

3D printing can offer you many benefits:

  • It gives you a hands-on way to express your interest in art.

  • It has the potential to solve real-world problems in your physical environment while saving money and materials.

  • If you're a designer, you can go rapidly from concept ideas and designs to physical models and prototypes.

  • If you're a teacher, it can help your learners gain a deeper interest in art .

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What can you 3D print?

Cool things to 3D print: drink coaster, vase, pen holder, planter, food mould, buckle

Drink Coasters

Using your creativity , you can print them in various shapes for the purpose of gifting or selling.

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3D Vases

You can print these for your home decor or business.

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Once printed, they need to be glazed and fired in a kiln .

USB Cable Organizers

Too many USB cables lying around?

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Easily print a 3D USB cable organizer to organize them in a narrow space to reduce the mess.

Pencil holders

Design 3D pen/pen holders for a desk.

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Create designs and print 3D planters at home.

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Little things like a belt buckle will print in no time.

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Food moulds

Give a new twist to your chocolates and baked confections with 3D-printed moulds.

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3D prints of the edible variety

Paste or purées are used to make edible 3D food such as pizza, plant-based meat, spaghetti, chocolates, cakes, candies and other baked confections.

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How to print 3D?

As a beginner, you need to first learn to use the software used in 3D printing.

The basic steps involved in 3D printing are as follows:

Steps to print 3D

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💡STL file format (standard tessellation language or stereolithography) is a simple, light, and easy file format used by 3D machines and software. It uses a series of linked triangles to reproduce the surface geometry of a 3D object.

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Different types of 3D printing technologies

Popular technologies in 3D printing Learn more about different 3D printing technologies :

  • FDM(fused deposition modeling)

  • SLA(stereolithography)

  • DLP(digital light projector)

  • MJM(multi-jet modeling)

  • SLS (selective laser sintering)

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💡Depending on the technique chosen, 3D printers can use a variety of materials , such as metals, plastics and polymers, ceramics, plaster, glass, and even foodstuffs like cheese, chocolate, dairy, cookie dough, fruits, vegetables, and pasta .

Popular technologies in 3D printing

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Kyle just bought a brand new desktop 3D printer. They're organizing their birthday party soon and inviting their family and friends to the celebration. They plan to get real flowers, decorations, food, invitations, and return gifts.


Which things can Kyle 3D print for the party? Choose all that apply.

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