Is this how you feel when someone asks you to come up with an idea?

Homer Simpson staring blankly

A person leafing through a book that has question marks on every page

And you know about "blank page syndrome" all too well?

Mind mapping might be a great solution for you to generate ideas!

What Is A Mind Map?

A mind map is a visual representation of ideas around a central topic. It is helpful if you want to have a big-picture overview of whatever you are working on.

You can use mind mapping to take notes, revise a lesson, or generate ideas.

Branches connect key topics, subtopics and key words around the main idea.

How Do I Generate Ideas?

Choose a topic and let your brain go!

A mind map is logical...

Find and connect ideas by association. Connect your ideas to key topics and subtopics using keywords.

A mind map is also creative...

Visually associating ideas is more effective than writing down a simple list. It "helps you trigger more associations and ideas by applying radial thinking ."

It also allows you to spot more interrelated concepts.

Here is what you can do:

What Kind Of Ideas Can I Generate?

Flaticon Icon Solutions to solve a problem

Flaticon Icon Career path ideas to decide what to study

Flaticon Icon Topics you will write about in your essay

Flaticon Icon Designs to create a logo for a new brand


In what situation could you use a mind map to generate ideas?

Tips To Make A Fantastic Mind Map To Generate Even More Ideas!

  • Set a time limit

  • Use colors

  • Use images/drawings

  • The lesser the better — try to use only one word per idea

  • Find your own style!

Do you like writing and drawing, or do you prefer digital features? Would you rather have your mind map elegant and curvy or graphic with an urban style? It is YOUR Mind Map, YOUR ideas, YOU decide!

A man saying,

Take Action

A person's head with gears turning inside it, and ideas floating around it

Are you still having trouble choosing a career?

Do you have to write a short story but you have no idea where to start?

Try out a mind map to find ideas and solve whatever problem you are facing right now!


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