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Yesha Thakkar

  • BComm, Major in Human Resources, Minor in Professional Communications

Expertise: Human Resources, Company Culture, Interviewing Tips, Career Skills


Yesha wishes to eventually work in the diversity inclusion field in HR to hopefully eliminate or reduce hiring biases when screening candidates and ensuring the company is doing its part in making the workplace as inclusive as possible.


  • Experienced in Human Resources with over 2 years of experience ranging from recruitment, company culture, onboarding, employee engagement and legal.
  • Passionate about helping friends and colleagues nail their interviews and sharing my knowledge about the “behind the scenes” of the recruitment and selection processes.


Yesha gained her comprehensive experience in HR through working in the clinical research, non-profit e-learning and most recently tech fields. With over 2 years of experience in the field, she has gained hands on experience in start-ups, mid sized and large corporate organizations working in HR pathways such as recruitment & selection, onboarding, company culture, employee engagement and stakeholder management.

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