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Lana Do

  • MD, Pediatrician, St.Petersburg State Medical Pediatric University
  • Master's Degree, Public Health, The University of Queensland
  • Board Certified Medical Affairs, The Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs

Expertise: Pediatrics, Child Safety, Oncology, Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Psychiatry, Mental Disorders


Lana believes health information accuracy is of utmost importance because of the impact on people's life. As a Review Board member, she is happy to help Rumie's Learners access an excellent source of unbiased, evidence-based, valid, and trustworthy educational resources.


  • Board Certified Medical Affairs Expert
  • Doctor of Medicine in Pediatrics and Master of Public Health
  • 20 years of scientific expertise in both public and reputable global healthcare companies
  • Former Medical Sciences & Global Public Health Director at Johnson and Johnson in Asia Pacific Region.


Thanks to long years of service in various healthcare sectors, Lana has profound scientific knowledge and expertise in broad medical specialties, from public/consumer health and nutrition to preventive medicines (vaccines) and therapeutical specialties such as oncology, immunology, and infectious diseases, psychiatry, and mental disorders. During the two decades devoted to sciences, she has reviewed thousands of medical education materials/teaching documents to ensure the highest level of medical validity and accuracy, thus, contributing to patient care and increasing people's quality of life.

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