It’s almost your friend’s birthday and you’re feeling overwhelmed because you don’t have a gift for their special day yet! 

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There’s still time, but how do you find the BEST gift for your friend? 

Easy. Think about some things you know about your friend! 

Reflect on past conversations

Think about the conversations you've had in the past!

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  • What did you and your friend last talk about?

  • Did they mention anything in particular that they've been eyeing?

  • Is there a wishlist they have?

  • Were there any hints your friend might have dropped in the conversations about things they like or want?

Example: Your friend talked about a new movie they watched that’s officially their new favorite! You can find gifts that relate to the movie, such as a movie poster or a mug with a quote from the movie. 

Consider shared experiences

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Inside jokes: Consider a gift related to an inside joke you and your friend share.

Example: You always carry a snack in your pocket that you end up sharing with your friend. For their birthday, you buy them a big box of that snack they always steal, complete with a note that says, “Now you have an unlimited supply of your own!” 

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Memories: Think about a great memory the two of you share. The gift can represent something from that fun time! 

Example: You and your friend took a trip to the beach not too long ago. You can make a scrapbook based on your adventures or make a custom playlist that the two of you listened to when you were on the way there! 

Focus on their interests or hobbies

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  • What does your friend do during their free time, after school, or on the weekends? 

  • What activities have you been invited to do with them?

Example: If your friend plays basketball or paints a lot, buy them a new basketball or paint set. 

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  • How does your friend dress? For comfort or fashion? 

  • What kind of items do they typically like to buy for themselves? 

Example: If your friend likes to accessorize or purchase useful items for themselves, buy them a new watch. 

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Tip: Have brain fog and can’t remember what they like? Go through their social media! You might find something relating to the music, food, or lifestyle they're into for gift ideas. 

Still stuck on a gift?

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But what if they don’t have social media or you still don’t know what to buy? 

Ask for help! 

  • Ask their family members or other friends. You can ask them the same questions you’ve been asking yourself using the strategies above.

  • Gather information on what that person knows about your friend’s likes and dislikes.

  • Ask them what they think of the gift you’re considering getting for your friend. Do you think they’ll like it?


Your friend has been talking non-stop about a new book series they love. What kind of gift would you consider? Select all that apply.

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There are many gifts you can choose for your friend! Just set aside some time to consider:


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