After looking for hours, you finally found the perfect job to apply to.

Hang on before you start frantically filling in the online application!

You want to make your one shot count so you can secure an interview and get closer to getting the job.

Think this through before you go for it.

Do You Have Everything Ready?

Get organized!

Gather all the materials/information that you may need before you begin.

These may include:

  • A functioning email account and if applicable, an account set up for the application portal.

  • A flash drive or cloud storage to store your documents in case you don't have your own laptop and need to use a public facility.

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The Devil Is In The Details

Carefully read the instructions in the online job application.

Fill in the form as accurately and honestly as possible.

Ensure that:

  • Your spelling and grammar are correct.

  • A cover lettercustomizedfor the position is included if it's required.

  • You take note of the keywords used in the job description in the application. Try to use the same ones in your answers so that the Application Tracking Software (ATS) sorts your application properly.

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Perfect Match?

Make an objective assessment of yourself in relation to the job.

Think about:

  • Do you meet the minimum requirements in terms of education and experience?

  • If you fall short, do you have other relevant skills and knowledge that makes up for a lack of experience?

  • Do your homework on specifics about the company such as its culture and values to see if it fits with you. Also, check if the day-to-day activities in the role are what you see yourself doing.

  • What about you will make you stand out from other applicants? Give thoughtful answers that are tailored to the role and company rather than generic cut-and paste-answers.

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Sophia is about to start filling in her job application and asks you for advice. Select all the advice that will help her successfully complete the application.

Check, Check Again, Send And Follow-up

After you fill in the whole application:

  • Check it thoroughly formistakesoranythingyoumayhavemissed and then when confident and satisfied, send.

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Take Action

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To fill in an online job application:


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