Meet Michael. He's a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at an IT firm.

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What’s the first thing you can guess about his role? Probably this:

Software engineer working on a desktop

Aha! Don’t be misled by the "technology" part of his role!

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The CTO role goes way beyond just IT and includes much more than working on a computer all day long.

CTO Role Explained

Does an engineer, after years of experience, become a CTO? No! A CTO isn't an engineering or a programming role, so it's not mandatory to have coding skills to become one.

In fact, a CTO works with business andoperations too! They ensure the technology strategy of a company matches its business strategy.

A CTO has a thorough understanding of:

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What Keeps a CITO Busy Through the Day?

  • Developing a technology roadmap for the digital transformation of a company

  • Leading digital transformation initiatives to successful implementation

  • Establishing long-term IT goals, policies, and procedures

  • Giving technical guidance on high-priority projects

  • Imparting business acumen to the IT teams developing marketable technology

  • Employing technical strategy to improve customer-facing, end products

  • Engaging in financial planning to ensure cost-effective IT operations

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What are different job duties of a CITO?

What Qualifications Do You Need To Be a CITO?

  • A technical degree (such as Bachelor of Computer Technology, Informatics), or

  • A business degree (such as BBA, MBA), or

  • A combination of both (such as a diploma in IT Management)

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Skills You'll Need To Be a Successful CITO

  • Vision and technology leadership, including the ability to give clear directions to your team. Flaticon Icon

  • Ability to influence and collaborate, including the ability to persuade others.

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  • Communication skills, including oral and presentation skills.

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  • Business and financial acumen, including a strong understanding of market dynamics. Flaticon Icon

  • Project management skills, including risk and change management.

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Thinking about potential employers?

Job opportunities are available in many different sectors like:

  • IT

  • E-Commerce

  • Banking

  • Telecommunication

  • Aviation

  • Mining

And would they compensate me well?

Flaticon Icon The average CITO salary in the United States is $292,080 as of February 25, 2022, but the range typically falls between $241,690 and $354,710. 

Flaticon Icon The median annual CITO salary in Winnipeg, Canada is C$244,199, as of February 25, 2022, with a range usually between C$204,752-C$299,891.

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