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Key Questions:

When sending an email, keep in mind the recipient.

Who will read this email? Customer, coworker, stranger, etc.

Why are you sending this email? To share information? Or is an action needed?

Do you need an urgent response? If yes, be clear.

Does the email seem like spam? Sales emails, unknown senders, not personal, etc.

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Select the best subjectline below:

Work Subject Line

Response Needed by 4 pm - Sales Project Approval

Sender: Accountant

Why is it effective?

  • Highlights action needed from the recipient

  • References the related project

  • Includes a sense of urgency

Job Application Subject Line

Account Coordinator - Nike - Ref # 34573 - Fatima Knight

Sender: Job Applicant

Why is it effective?

  • It's clear and to the point

  • Makes it easy for your employer to identify you

  • Includes requested information

Marketing Subject Line

Uh-oh, 🙃 your prescription is expiring

Sender: Warby Parker

This email was sent two weeks before a client needed to renew a prescription and when their eye prescription is expiring.

Why is it effective?

  • By sending an email at the right time, Warby Parker increased its chances of this email getting opened because it is relevant to the recipient.

  • It has the right tone to relate to recipients.


What is the tone of this subject line?


Following up:

  • Following up from the Space Expo

  • As Promised: Charity Sponsorship Information

  • Follow Up Re: Your Marketing Plan

  • Here’s the budget template we discussed

  • Great to meet you at Speed Networking last night!

  • Free Coffee for Marketing Advice?

  • Touching base re: Gutter Cleaning Estimate

Thank You:

  • Thank you for your review!

  • Thanks for attending Night at the Zoo

  • We appreciate your support!

  • Special thanks from our CEO

  • Jodi, thank you for your donation!

  • Great to see you yesterday!

  • Thanks for coming out!

  • Thanks! (Special treat inside 😀)

Event Reminder:

  • Reminder: Mingle for a Mission

  • Workshop Reminder: How to Build a Resume

  • Don’t Forget to Use Your Coupon

  • Your Gift Card is Expiring!

  • Event Tomorrow | Register today!

  • Can’t Wait for Tomorrow! (Have You Registered?)

Review Request:

  • Satisfied with Smile Dental? Review us on Yelp!

  • How was your service at ZenSpa?

  • Thanks for visiting! Here’s a link to submit your review

  • Please share your experience with us

  • Let’s be friends — Like and Review us on Facebook!

  • How did we do? Help us help you.

Take Action

It is very easy for your emails to be ignored, skimmed, lost, or accidentally deleted. Effective subject lines can make a difference, remember to:

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