Short-term goals

A short-term goal is something you want to achieve soon.

That could mean today, this week, or this year.

Short-term goals can be steps towards bigger, long-term goals.

Short-term goals can also stand alone.

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Long-term goals

Long-term goals are things you want to accomplish at some point in the future.

Long-term goals typically take 12 months or more to achieve.

They are big goals that often need to be broken down into smaller steps to be reached.

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Sofia just started her final year of high school. She has a lot of goals, which are listed below. Which of these would be a long-term goal of Sofia's?

Become a civil engineer

Learn to play a song on the guitar

Be content

Obtain her high school diploma

Example: Short-term & long-term goals

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Short-term Goals

Enroll in a language class

Buy a guitar

Write my resume

Attend a concert

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Long-term Goals

Become fluent in another language

Graduate from college

Have deep & meaningful friendships

Start my own school


From the list above, which of the short-term goals listed is a step towards one of the long-term goals listed?

Enroll in a language class

Write my resume

Attend a concert

Buy a guitar


Now it's your turn!

List out 2-4 long-term goals that you have.

Remember, long-term goals are usually more than a year away from being achieved.

Now list out 2-4 short-term goals that you have.

Short-term goals are things you think you can accomplish anytime between now & one year from now.

Your short-term goals may very well be smaller steps towards your bigger, long-term goals.


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