What is an email signature?

Email signatures are like a digital business card included at the end of all emails. They can be done on your work or personal email in countless ways.

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01 | Benefits Of An Email Signature

  • Gives a professional look to your email

  • Highlights branding elements like a logo and website URL

  • Gives many contact options for the recipient to reach you

  • Builds trust by allowing recipients to learn more about you

  • Can promote social media channels 

  • Creates a strong impression in the memory of the recipient after the mail has been read

  • Acts as supplementary information for possible employers

02 | Common Elements

Byte Author Uploaded Image Many signatures will include some of the information below after your name:

  • First and Last Names 

  • Current Title

  • Company Name

  • Phone Number

  • Other contact information

  • Links to social media, LinkedIn, your website, youtube channel, Instagram, etc.

  • A photo

  • Company Logo

  • Simple Graphics and icons


Can an email signature include a quote, personal statement, and links to articles?

03 | Making The Email Signature

A) Using an Email Signature Generator

There are many websites that help you create professional-looking email signatures from templates.

Google or look up "Email Signature Generator." This will allow you to find the most up to date websites that have the best features for east to make templates. You can see an example below:

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After making the email signature in the generator, you can copy it and follow the steps in the appropriate video below:

B) Making a signature manually and APPLYING it based on your email provider:

Gmail Signature Instructions

Yahoo Signature Instructions

Outlook Signature Instructions

Other Email Provider

Key Steps:

  1. Settings > Signature

  2. Create an Email Signature

  3. Personalize Colour, style, etc.

  4. Save Settings


Will this work for AOL or Zoho Mail?

Take Action

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Always remember to double and triple-check links if they are included in a signature. A broken URL looks unprofessional and can leave a bad first impression.

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