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Are you looking for an opportunity to have a conversation that goes beyond, "How's it going?" and "What did you do this weekend?" 💡

Come on out to Byte Club with Rumie, our weekly "bite-sized book club". The reads are only ~5 minutes long (Bytes from the Rumie library) that spark a meaningful conversation! 🔥

Join Us On Discord

To get started on your Byte Club journey you'll need to join the Rumie community on Discord.

Think of the community as a social extension of the Rumie library (where you are now!)

It's a virtual space where you can browse more content, and chat with other community members to receive or provide support on life and career skills topics.

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If you're new to Discord check out this Byte first: Learn to navigate Discord in 6 minutes

How Does It Work?

It's easy, and you need fewer than 10 minutes to prepare for Byte Club! Here's how it will go down:

  1. We pick a Byte from the Rumie library and announce it in the #byte-club channel on Discord, along with a few questions to get you thinking.

  2. You read the Byte: it'll take <10 mins! 📖 But if you run out of time it's ok, come anyway. 😊

  3. You join the voice chat in the 👤events-stage at the time of the session and participate in a conversation inspired by the Byte!

When you forget to read the Byte (but you have 5 minutes to spare!)

What Will We Talk About?

During the actual session a Rumie community administrator will be present to facilitate the conversation, making sure everyone is safe and has a chance to contribute if they wish. Ultimately though, the conversation is community-led and the Byte is just a starting point to get the ideas flowing!

For example, at a Byte Club session on setting boundaries in your relationships these questions were our starting point:

  • When did you not set a boundary but now you wish you did? What did you learn from the experience?

  • Which of the 6 types of boundaries discussed in the Byte are most challenging for you to set?

  • What's a boundary you'd like to set this week?

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When's The Next One?

📅We meet every week:

Tuesday at 10-10:45am EST

Wednesday at 12-12:45pm EST

Each month we'll pick a new theme and add the month's Byte Club sessions to the Events tab in Discord. No RSVP required: just show up! 😊

You can also sign up for notifications in the #roles channel on Discord: you'll get a "ping" any time @Byte Club is mentioned by a server administrator.

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A few topics we've covered in the past include:

Take Action

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Our community is what makes Byte Club sessions so meaningful! To join in:


Your feedback matters to us.

This Byte helped me better understand the topic.

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